Theme of the 3rd Edition of the Pan-African PMC

The theme of the 3rd Edition of the Pan-African PMC is:

« How to organize projects successfully in Africa »

This theme aims to address the failures and deficiencies in project organization that are at the root of multiple project failures in public and private organizations on the continent. Indeed, people or human resources are at the centre of projects. Project teams determine the success or failure of projects. However, the critical factor of a high-performance project team is an adequate organization during the entire project life cycle.

In order to solve these failures and shortcomings, most international funders require the creation of either project implementation units (PIUs), or project companies (special purpose vehicles-SPVs) or project management offices (PMOs) for the successful preparation and implementation of projects that have been funded. This solution is generally one of the conditions or clauses of the financing agreement.

These problems of projects organization in Africa are therefore addressed by the Conference not only in terms of the types of possible organizational structures of projects but also of the different projects organizational entities that can be set up according to the context and specificities of the projects as well as the stakeholders involved, notably investors and donors.