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  1. Introduction 2.
    • The Pan-African Project Management Conference or Pan-African PMC has been specifically organized to actively and methodically contribute to the technological upgrading of Africa. The conference is a platform formulated and organized as a mean to facilitate and stimulate the transfer and acquisition of project management technologies in Africa, that is, in each of the 54 member States of the African Union and each of the national, regional and continental organizations. The Conference will be held annually, for the accumulation of experience and continuous improvement for the satisfaction of all interested parties.
    • Delegates, partners, sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers shall be bound by the rules and regulations set forth in these terms and conditions and any subsequent changes decided by Organizer. These terms and conditions define the practical and successful conditions of preparation, implementation and evaluation of the Conference.
  1. Definition

The following definitions are applied in these terms and conditions: (i) Conference means the event organized by the Organizer; (ii) Organizer means Prescriptor Ltd; (iii) Partner means any public organization or media giving a financial or non-financial support to the Conference; (iv) Sponsor means any company or organization taking up some branding opportunity at the Conference; (v) Exhibitor means any company or organization taking display space at the Conference; (vi) Advertiser means any company or organization taking advertisement at the Conference (vii) Venue means the Yaounde Conference Centre; (viii) Delegate means an attendee at the Conference; (ix) Contract means the filled and signed booking form or registration form confirming the attendance, partnership, sponsorship, exhibition and advertising at the Conference; (x) Registration means confirmation of attendance of a delegate, (xi) Booking means confirmation of participation of an organization and (xii) Participant means any of the Delegate, Partner, Sponsor, Exhibitor, Advertiser being part of the Conference.

  1. Organization

The Pan-African Project Management Conference is organized by Prescriptor Ltd, a pan African consulting firm based in Yaounde, Cameroon, specializing in Investment and Project Management. Prescriptor Ltd’s mission is to actively contribute to the quantitative and qualitative increase of technologies in Africa. Prescriptor works hand in hand with Cameroonian authorities, qualified international and pan-African experts, partners and sponsors of public and private sectors at national, regional, continental and global levels.

  1. Registration, booking and Contract

4.1. The registration and booking shall be done on registration or booking forms made available by the Organizer. For organizations, the date, signature and stamp are compulsory. Receipt of the signed forms or applications implies that the Delegate, Partner, Sponsor, Exhibitor or Advertiser acknowledges and undertakes to be bound by the present terms and conditions. He also agrees to comply with organizational guidelines issued before and during the Conference.

4.2. Participation to the Conference shall be open to any Delegate, legal company or organization, African or foreign, public or private.

4.3. The signed forms or applications have the value of a contract or purchase order as soon as the Organizer receives the application and confirms the decision through submission of an invoice. The fees are set by the Organizer.

4.4. Booking or registration will be final upon receipt of the form duly filled, signed, dated, and payment of the total amount (100%) of the invoice. Proof of full payments shall be imperative for the issuance of an identification and security badge of a Participant.

4.5. By submitting the booking and registration contracts, the Participant accepts without reservation the following: (i) all regulations laid down by the local authorities applicable to the Conference; (ii) all regulations lay down by the Venue including but not limited to security, health and safety, fire and traffic; (iii) all current health & safety regulations.

  1. Exhibition Floor and Stand Allocation

5.1. Only the Organizer is fit to establish a plan of stand locations. The Organizer produces a general layout plan of the exhibition as well as its decoration. The Participant however acknowledges that the Organizer reserves the right to alter the layout of the exhibition at any time and in any respect where it becomes expedient to do so.

5.2. Exhibition space will be allocated according to the file’s arrival order. Requests for location will be taken into account where possible but cannot be guaranteed always.

  1. Payment Terms

6.1. Only the settlement of the full amount (100%) of the invoice of the Participant shall guarantee the issuance of a badge. The Participant however, acknowledges that signing the registration or booking contract is a demonstration of ability and intent to make full payment. The Organizer reserves the right to demand the payment even if the Participant has not participated.

6.2. The following modes of payment are accepted:

  1. a) Bank transfer to the following account:

Prescriptor Pan-African PMC, Afriland First Bank, Agence Hyppodrome, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Account Number (IBAN): CM21 10005 00001 00085041002 89


Transfer purpose: (Indicate the invoice Number)

  1. b) Bank cheque to the order of: « Prescriptor Pan-African PMC ».
  2. c) In cash: at the Organizer’s Secretariat in Yaounde, Place Warda, Hajal Center.
  3. d) Credit Card: Valid VISA card and MasterCard are accepted for payment. Credit card details are required to guarantee the registration. In case of cancellation, the Organizer retains the right to charge the credit card provided. An additional 3% finance charge will be applicable on all credit card transactions.


  1. Participant and Delegate Identification

Identification and security badges with Participants’ names will be issued by the Organizer. All the Participants must wear the identification and security badges at all times. The badges are personal and cannot be used by someone else. In case of violation, the Organizer shall reserve the right to seize the corresponding badges.

  1. Cancellation and refund

8.1. Any Participant wishing to cancel the registration or end the contract shall submit a formal cancellation letter to the Organizer. The termination of the contract does not release the Participant from his obligations.

8.2. If the cancellation occurs before 20 October 2020, a 30% withholding on the total amount will be charged and for the 70%, the Organizer will issue a refund through a Credit Note for the future Edition of the Conference. After 20 October 2020, the Participant remains indebted for the total amount. Finally, where payment has already been made for registration, no refund will be given on cancellations, but a substitute of Delegate can be done at no extra charge.

  1. Risk, Security and Insurance

The Organizer will secure the venue through appropriate security and insurance services during the Conference period. However, each Exhibitor is responsible for the security and insurance of their display and contents. In no event the Organizer shall be held responsible for theft in the stand of an Exhibitor. Participants shall not cause any damage to the other as well as to the Venue and shall responsible for any such damage at their own expenses.

  1. Exhibition and Breakdown

10.1. The Venue of the Conference is Yaounde Conference Centre. The dates are: from 28 to 30 October 2020. The opening hours are: from 07.00 am to 08.00 pm.

10.2. The Exhibitor is bound to occupy the stand allocated at the opening of the Conference and maintain the stand until the end; the Exhibitor shall ensure its permanent running by competent personnel during the exhibition opening hours.

10.3. The packaging and removal of goods displayed as well as the dismantling of the stands will be done immediately after closing, October 30, 2020, at 7:00 am and must be completed on the same day at 06:0 pm. Objects to exhibit which present any danger of fire or explosion must be specially marked on the list of products to be exhibited delivered to the Organizer. No items may be removed or display breakdown start before the official closing time of the exhibition, except where this option has been pre-agreed and must be carried out in such a manner that is not disruptive to other Participants.

10.4. The Exhibitor shall keep his space clean and in order. Cleaning should be completed ¼ hour before the exhibition starts. If the Exhibitor does not wish to clean the stand himself, such a service shall be ordered in agreement with the Organizer for safety reasons.

10.5. Noisy advertisement is prohibited. Any prospecting activity or sales must be restricted to the area of the stand occupied unless otherwise agreed. No one is allowed to advertise out of the stand. No distribution of leaflets, prints, gifts, no sale at check outs. Live music or publicity from audio or audiovisual media requires prior written authorization from the Organizer. Otherwise, the material will be seized.

10.6. For security purposes, further stand surveillance can only be requested via the Organizer. It is recommended to keep the cash and other valuable objects on you and not to leave a stand unattended.

  1. Force Majeure

11.1. Any exogenous circumstances, or any case of force majeure (acts of war, civil commotion, strikes or lockouts, default or failure of suppliers, government action or intervention, military activity, Act of God, fire, epidemic, flood or any other circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control) in general which would prevent the holding of the event or restrict its importance, shall not be opposable to the Organizer and the Participants cannot claim any allowance.

11.2. If a case of force majeure occurs, the Organizer have the right to reschedule the Conference at an alternate date and/or Venue. The Participants acknowledge that the Organizer have suffered loss as a result of this and hereby waives all claims for damages or compensation. The payments made to the Organizer in connection with the Conference will remain the property of the Organizer to be considered in the same Conference. For appropriate risk management, the Participants may take out specific insurance against rescheduling or cancellation.

  1. General and Final Provisions

12.1. The Organizer shall reserve the right to modify the provisions of these terms and conditions if needed. Each Participant shall be deemed to have full knowledge and understanding of the Terms and Conditions and is bound by them in all respects without any exception.

12.2. Conference publications: The organizer will not be held responsible of any errors or omissions on copy prepared and submitted by the Advertiser or Participant. Where required, Participants agree to submit their logos, descriptions and other such marketing materials in such a format and timely manner that has been requested by the Organizer. If there is a default the Participants will not hold the Organizer accountable.

12.3. The Organizer reserves the right to change contents, programmes, speakers or Venue at any time based on current circumstances. He also reserves the right to make portions of the programme, booking and registration information available to partners, sponsors, exhibitors and advertiser.

12.4. Entry visa: The Organizer will assist Participants by issuing invitations to be used in their visa process to attend the Conference in Cameroon. The Organizer is not liable for any damages which could result from Participants not obtaining their entry visa due to: (i) decisions made by the Cameroon authorities, delay in receiving applications or feedback from these authorities or inaccurate information that is supplied by Participants. Should Participants fail to obtain their visa, they are still liable for any payment required as part of the Conference booking or registration contract.

12.5. Any Delegate attending the Conference hereby grants permission to the Organizer to use and publish image, likeness and testimonials collected in connection with the programme for advertising and trade purposes in connection with Organizer’s conferences and/or marketing activities. Logos of organizations will be used only for the purposes of the Conference marketing and promotion to demonstrate the Participants’ involvement.

12.6. Data Protection: The personal information provided by Delegate will be held on the database that may be shared or made available to other companies for marketing purposes. In case a Delegate does not agree that its data be used for marketing purposes an email should be sent to the Organizer:

12.3. For any difficulty or dispute which might arise from the interpretation and the implementation of these terms and conditions, the parties shall agree to resolve them through dialogue. Any dispute shall be settled through the arbitration of three personalities appointed by the parties.

Applicable version approved by the Organizer and dated January 15, 2020.