Results of the 3rd Edition of the Pan-African PMC

  • General objective and result

The general objective of the 3rd Edition of the Pan-African PMC was to enable African professionals and senior executives to master the best project organization technologies in order to contribute to the success of public and private investment projects that are essential to accelerate the structural transformation of the continent’s economies. The theme of the Conference was: “How to organize projects successfully in Africa“.

Despite a very difficult context dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this objective was achieved insofar as the participants of the Conference obtained the practical tools and techniques (conference materials and final report) to master the best practices of organization of projects. The opening of the Conference was personally chaired by His Excellency Mr. Alamine Ousmane Mey, Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development of Cameroon. Conference website:  .

A digital platform has been deployed allowing the vast majority of expert speakers to intervene or participate online.

  • Specific objectives and results

Of the specific objective of 1,000 participants targeted, the 3rd Edition of the Conference ended with a total of 421 participants, including 302 delegates and 119 other participants from 20 countries, representing an achievement rate of 42.1%. The table below gives the details.

Results of the 3rd Edition

No.Types of ParticipantsNumber
2.International Experts22
4.Media Partners8
5.Institutional Partners3
6.Supporting Partners and Sponsors7
7.Technological Partners3
9.Service providers62

These results, obtained despite the global health crisis, fueled the Conference’s success indicators, which are: (i) the continued strong participation of professionals, experts and public and private decision-makers, as well as students at the Conference ; (ii) the strong participation of international experts online; (iii) the very strong involvement of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) of Cameroon as a Strategic Partner of the Conference with the opening of the Conference by the Minister in person and (ii ) the publication of the Final Report of the 3rd  Edition of the Conference by Prescriptor Ltd.