Results of the 2nd Edition of the Pan-African PMC

  • General objective and result

The general objective of the 2nd Edition of the Pan-African PMC was to provide a practical solution to the lack of bankable projects in Africa especially in the industrial and infrastructure sectors to accelerate Africa’s economic transformation. The Conference theme was: “Successful Preparation of Bankable Projects in Africa. This objective was achieved insofar as the Conference participants obtained the practical tools and techniques (conference materials and final report) to successfully complete the different stages of the preparation of bankable projects. Conference website:     

  • Specific Objectives and Results

The specific target of 1000 delegates for the 2nd Edition resulted in a total of 506 participants of which 403 were delegates and 103 were other participants from 14 countries, that is, an achievement score of about 50.6%, detailed in the table below.

Results of the 2nd Edition

No.Types of ParticipantsNumber
2.International Experts20
4.Strategic partner1
5.Media Partners11
6.Institutional Partners7
7.Financial Partners and Sponsors11
8.Technological Partners4
10.Services providers39

These results were used to trace the indicators of the success of the Conference notably: (i) the strong increase in the participation of professionals, experts and public and private decision-makers in the Conference; the strong involvement of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) of Cameroon as a Strategic Partner of the Conference; (ii) publication of the Final Report of the 2nd  Edition of the Conference by Prescriptor Ltd with the support of the Autonomous Port of Douala (PAD) as exclusive sponsor but also and above all by Generis Publishing[1]; (iii) the brand Pan-African PMC and the Organizer, Prescriptor Ltd gained prominence and good reputation.

[1] Book available online at: