Objectives of the 3rd Edition of the Pan-African PMC

  • General Objective

The general objective of the 3rd Edition of the Pan-African PMC is to enable African professionals and senior executives to master the best project organization technologies in order to contribute to the success of public and private investment projects that are essential to accelerate the structural transformation of the continent’s economies.

  • Specific Objectives

The table below outlines the specific objectives of the 3rd Edition of the Conference. In summary, the target is 1000 participants – 800 delegates and 200 other participants as speakers, exhibitors, partners, sponsors and service providers.

Objectives of the 3rd Edition

No. Types of Participants Number
1. Delegates 800
2. International Experts 25
3. Translators/Interpreters 5
4. Media Partners 15
5. Institutional Partners 50
6. Supporting Partners and Sponsors 50
7. Technological Partners 5
8. Exhibitors 20
9. Service providers 30
Total 1 000