Content of the PMO-CP® certification session

Content of the PMO-CP®

8:30 – 12:30     

1.PMO VALUE RING® methodology overview

2.The Stakeholder-driven PMO

3.How to collect PMO stakeholders’ expectations

4.How to define and balance the PMO mix of functions

13:30 – 16:20   

5.How to establish PMO processes

6.How to define PMO performance indicators

7.How to assess PMO competencies, define headcount and assign resources

8.How to assess the PMO maturity and plan its evolution

9.How to calculate PMO ROI (Return on Investment)

10.How to define a value-oriented PMO dashboard

11.PMO-CP exam review

16:30 – 17:30   

12.PMO-CP® online exam (first attempt), proctored on-site by the instructor

Special Bonus

Free Full access to the content of the PMO-CP® Online Certification Course on the PMO Global Alliance’s learning platform, for 12 months, allowing the attendee to review all content during this time period.