Call for Speakers 4th Edition of the Pan-African Project Management Conference


Prescriptor Ltd, a pan African consulting firm, specializing in investment and project management, with the
strategic partnership of the Cameroon Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, is
pleased to announce that the 4th Edition of the Pan-African Project Management Conference will be held
in Yaounde Conference Centre, Cameroon, from 26 to 28 October 2022.
The theme of the 4th Edition of the Pan-African PMC is: “How to develop project engineering in Africa”.
The Pan-African Project Management Conference is designed as a gathering at which the best
internationally recognized project management technologies will be the subject of multiple discussions for
their acquisition and mastery by interested parties of the African continent. The Conference aims to
gradually fill at an accelerated rate the technological gap of Africa in project management in alignment with
the successful implementation of Agenda 2063 designed to achieve the vision of Pan-Africanism and
African Renaissance.
The general objective of the 4th Edition of the Pan-African PMC is to enable the African public and private
sectors to substantially and structurally increase the supply and quality of project professionals in
Africa in order to contribute to the success of public and private investment projects that are essential to
accelerate the structural transformation of the continent’s economies.
The target is 1000 participants – 800 delegates and 200 other participants as speakers, exhibitors,
partners, sponsors and service providers. Complete details may be found in the attached Concept Note of
the 4th edition of the Conference (English or French).
We are currently soliciting international qualified experts to be speakers. We invite you to respond to this
Call for Expert Speakers for the 4th Edition of the Pan-African Project Management Conference. The
Conference Organizing Team seeks high quality papers and presentations in terms of best practices and
policies to ensure an accelerated and controlled improvement of the project profession in each African
country, on the following topics derived from the five (5) sub-themes reflecting the general theme.
A. The main benchmarks of Project Economy in the world and in Africa
 Background, characteristics, and impacts of project economy  Project engineering: concept, relevance
and implementation  Skillset required for a good project manager today.
B. The role of African States in the emergence of the Project Profession
 Examples of legal and regulatory frameworks set up for public projects and programmes  What
lessons can be drawn from the UK example with the Association for Project Management (APM) having the
Royal Charter since April 2017?  Creation of the national order of project management experts in
Cameroon: background and justifications.

C. The role of standard bodies in the Project Profession
 Drafting, promotion and impact of ISO International Standards for the project profession  Adoption and
dissemination of standards for the project profession by national standard bodies  Case study of the
Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) in Cameroon
D. The Role of Universities and Higher Institutes in the Project Profession
 Which LMD training programmes in project management is required to address the demand?  Stakes
and Challenges regarding the accreditation of LMD project management training programmes
E. The Role of Professional Project Institutions
 Organisational model of PMI with a network of chapters in the countries  Organisational model of IPMA
with a network of member associations in the countries  Specificities of the APM organisational model
with the Royal Charter  Certification programmes offered to project professionals  Awards offered to
project professionals
Selected expert speakers will enjoy a variety of benefits as compensation package:
(i) A free Conference registration (on-line or face-to-face);
(ii) A travel ticket (economic class) and accommodation during the Conference, if the face-toface participation is retained as best option;
(iii) Marketing of the paper and speaker on the Conference website, in the Conference
programme, in associated promotional materials, and in the Conference Final Report to be
published by the Organiser and an international publisher;
(iv) An opportunity of having one-on-one meetings between the international speakers and
African delegates around the Conference;
(v) A Speaker fee.
The Call for Expert Speakers is now open. The Conference organizing team will accept one (1) or two (2)
proposals or abstracts submitted by an expert.
 Proposals (abstracts on the topic or topics selected) with brief professional profile (biography) and
photo shall be sent by July 31, 2022 directly to
 Expert Speaker selections will be announced by August 10, 2022.
 Papers and presentations shall be sent by October 20, 2022.

Proposals Submission Guidelines:
 Each proposal (abstract) should focus on the topic selected with the aim of presenting best policies
and practices in promoting project profession worldwide and consider the pan-African context,
issues and challenges.
 The length of the proposal (abstract) should not be more than 250 words;
 Proposals (abstracts) must be in MS Word format;
 Proposal language: English or French.
We expect that, as international qualified experts interested in Africa development, you will give particular
and serious consideration to submitting proposals. For additional information or questions regarding this
Call for Expert Speakers, please send an email to:

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