Special event of the 4th Edition of the Pan-African PMC

International Certification Session

in Project Management Offices (PMOs)



Be a PMO VALUE RING certified professional

The international PMO Certified Practitioner (PMO-CP®) certification is issued by PMO Global Alliance® for professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of the PMO VALUERING® methodology, which is an innovative project management offices (PMO) technology and formalized by a dedicated software (PMO VALUE RING software).

The PMO VALUE RING methodology was developed with the participation of successful PMO leaders with a high level of maturity, with the objective of developing a solution to support the creation, revision, and operation of PMOs, focusing on the generation of effective value for organizations. This methodology is based on extensive benchmarking with the experience of professionals from different countries, providing recommendations and guiding the PMO configuration from successful experiences.In fact, the PMO VALUE RING methodology is the voice of the worldwide community of PMO professionals telling us what can really increase the chances of making our PMOs successful.

The PMO VALUE RING methodology is now used by professionals in more than 65 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The PMO-CP®certification aims to ensure that the certified professional has full mastery of the essential concepts of the methodology, as well as the basic techniques for the definition of application strategies, use of the method, analysis of results, decision making, and definition of solutions.The professional will be aligned with the best practices for PMOs, and fully trained in the methodology, making it possible to use them on a daily basis.

Be alsoA Delegate of the Conference

As PMO-CP candidate, you will also be a Delegate at 4th Edition of the Pan-African Project Management Conference 2022. You will receive a high valued package of services including the following key items:

  • Acquire substantial knowledge, expertise and operational skills in project organization through free access to the Conference sessions during the two other days;
  • Receive technical and specialized project management documentation including a copy of all Conference materials, a delegate bag and free access to the trade exhibition of the 4th edition of the Pan-African Project Management Conference 2022;
  • Exploit the opportunity to buy standards, guides, specialized software, books, etc related to the Project management and successful project organization;
  • Gain experience, establish useful contacts and professional networking;
  • Access to all the Pan-African Project Management Conference 2022 cultural and social functions and ceremonies notably coffee breaks and lunches;
  • Leverage the opportunity of having one-on-one meetings with our international speakers around the Conference;
  • Receive the digital copy of the Final Report of the 4th Edition of the Pan-African Project Management Conference 2022 (post-event service).


Organisations’representatives or Project Professionalsaiming to create a PMO, PMO leaders, PMO members, Project Managers, etc. who want to learn how to make a PMO successful and generate perceived value for an organization through the methodology PMO VALUE RING.