The theme of the 3rd Edition of the Pan-African PMC is : “How to organize projects successfully in Africa”.

In this perspective and based on the review of best practices in project organization worldwide, this theme is broken down into four (4) sub-themes below, each of which will be addressed in its various technical and practical aspects with a view to facilitating technology transfer and acquisition in this critical area:

  • Types of organizational structures for projects

l Human resources management and project organization; l Functional or hierarchical project organization structure; lMatrix project organizational structures; l Projectized organizational structures; l Task force organizational structures; l How to design an organizational structure suitable for a given project; l Adapting the organizational structure during the project life cycle.

  • Project preparation or implementation units (PIUs)

l Why do donors generally require the establishment of project implementation units (PIUs) in Africa? l Organizational structure generally used for PIUs; l Advantages and disadvantages of PIUs; l Role of funders in the use of PIUs; l What is the performance records of PIUs in terms of project success? l How to avoid the proliferation of PIUs within the same organization.

  • Project companies or special purpose vehicles (SPVs)

l Types and characteristics of legal entities generally created for the purposes of carrying out major projects (public limited companies, real estate companies, etc.); l Common organizational structures of SPVs; l Roles or functions of SPVs in the governance and financing of major projects (project-finance); l Requirement for adaptation of SPVs during the life cycle of major projects

  • Project management offices (PMOs)

lTypology of PMOs; l Most frequent missions or functions of PMOs in organizations; l Benefits generally derived from PMOs in organizations; l Common organizational structures of PMOs; l How to create, organize, operate, evaluate and revise a PMO? l Innovative PMO VALUE RING methodology.

A specialized session will take place as a side event of the 3rd Edition of the Conference: International Certification in Project Office Management (PMO) 

The international PMO Certified Practitioner (PMO-CP®) certification is issued by PMO Global Alliance® for professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of the PMO VALUE RING® methodology, which is an innovative project management office (PMO) technology and formalized by a dedicated software (PMO VALUE RING software).

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